29 undervalued dividend stocks in all U.S. sectors


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceWith dividend stocks hot this year, some market experts are advising investors to be cautious and selective. Identifying companies with room to raise dividends significantly, rather than focusing on finding the highest yields, might be your best way forward.That theme was explored by MarketWatch writer Jeff Reeves and Bob Phillips, managing … [Read more...]

I have terminal cancer and worry about the future of my 81-year-old mother


Source: Market Watch Personal Finance Dear Moneyologist, I am 58 years old and have terminal cancer. My mother is 81. She gets a small Social Security benefit every month and gets medical care, and a small food allowance from the government. For the last 30 years I have helped support her; my brother, who is 47, moved to another state and contributes nothing. I have managed to … [Read more...]

Do this and your wife is more likely to divorce you


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceMoney won’t make or break your marriage, but how you spend your time both in and out of the house might, suggests new research published Thursday in the journal American Sociological Review.“Financial factors do not determine whether couples stay together or separate,” says study author Alexandra Killewald, a professor of sociology at Harva … [Read more...]

The newest ‘Harry Potter’ is a play that’s expected to sell like a book


Source: Market Watch Personal Finance [Enter HARRY.] [After saving the wizarding world and selling more than 400 million books in 68 languages, everyone knows the story of the boy who lived. Now he’s an adult who’s still dealing with the darkness in his past.] The market for plays, publishing industry insiders say, is near nonexistent. But that appears set to change this wee … [Read more...]

Want an open floor plan (and a pole)? Live in an old firehouse


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceFor Chicago entrepreneur Ben Shipper, it was love at first sight when he saw her 20 years ago. “I wanted something unique and I fell in love,” he said. Shipper, now 49, is talking about the 1907 firehouse he bought with his wife Cindy Perpich in 1995 for $410,000 on Chicago’s north end near Wrigley Field. With its brick facade and bright red … [Read more...]

Why you really can’t believe everything you read about your health


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceMuch of health news — like the subjects it scrutinizes — isn’t good for you. The same reasons that make readers click often come at the expense of comprehensive reporting: a simple and easy conclusion when the evidence is far more complicated, focus on daily research to the exclusion of broader context and, worst of all, nondisclosure of indu … [Read more...]

S&P 500 touches record intraday high; Dow hamstrung by Exxon shares


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceThe S&P 500 index hit a record in intraday trading Friday as U.S. stocks shook off earlier concerns about sluggish second-quarter domestic growth, but the Dow industrials remained under pressure.Analysts noted that a rebound in oil prices might be driving a modest bounce in equities, but that support slipped away with oil prices flat at … [Read more...]