This public college wants to cut English, history — and 11 other liberal arts majors


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceFor decades, students planning to major in English, history or philosophy have been needled by parents and other concerned elders about how they plan to make use of their degree. Now, one public college in Wisconsin is helping students avoid that conundrum — by getting rid of the opportunity to pursue a degree in many liberal arts … [Read more...]

Freeze the assets of Putin’s allies, U.K, U.S. lawmakers say: it’s ‘the only way to change the behavior of evil regimes’


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceA group of lawmakers in the U.K., U.S. and Canada have launched a coordinated effort to urge the world’s richest countries to adopt sanctions targeting the allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.The group is demanding that leaders of all G7 nations adopt legislation similar to the U.S.’s Magnitsky Act, which permits authorities to seize … [Read more...]

Now it’s time for the stock market to refocus on the Fed


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceFor stock market investors, the coming week is likely to see the Federal Reserve move back into focus, stealing the spotlight back, at least briefly, from worries about tariffs and political turmoil.The Fed’s two-day policy meeting, which will conclude Wednesday and is widely expected to deliver the first rate increase of 2018, will be Fed … [Read more...]

The depressing reason women out-earn men in these 7 places in the U.S.


Source: Market Watch Personal FinanceIt takes a lot statistical and demographic anomalies for women to out-earn men.Women are paid more than men in six municipalities and one county, according to an analysis of 2,700 locations with more than 10,000 workers by The Pew Charitable Trusts, a nonprofit with a goal to improve public policy. Women out-earn men in Lake Worth, Fla.; … [Read more...]