Bizarre Ghost Galaxy Has Hardly Any Dark Matter – Proving That Dark Matter Exists


Source: Forbes TechnologyAstrophysicists have discovered a galaxy that contains very little dark matter, which funnily enough, might help to prove that dark matter exists.A team led by researchers from Yale University noticed the galaxy, NGC 1052-DF2, because it looked rather strange in images from the Dragonfly Telephoto Array.To get a better picture, the team used the WM Keck … [Read more...]

First Step Towards Your Analytics Career Transition


Source: Forbes Technology 2003.I was just a 25-year-old bumming around, doing coding or advertising or throwing clay on a potter’s wheel. Waiting to find my true passion. It had to be out there. How could I find it?How can you find it? Maybe my story can help.I had a master’s in computer engineering so, naturally, a programming job at a local research lab sounded like the … [Read more...]

This New Filtration Tech Could Give You Clean Drinking Water And Power Your Smartphone Or Car


Source: Forbes TechnologyShutterstockPicture running seawater through a filter which can give you clean drinkable water–and creating enough power to run your smartphone or electric car.That is what researchers from Monash University, in collaboration with CSIRO and the University of Texas at Austin, are hoping to do with a material called metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs.MOFs … [Read more...]

How Blockchain Is Replacing Branding As A Source Of Trust


Source: Forbes TechnologyThe Victorian era was when brands really took offAround the time of the first industrial revolution Molly, of Molly’s Flour, stopped selling flour direct to the people in her village.She wanted to sell to more people than would stop by the back of her farm kitchen, so she packaged her flour up, and sent it around the county in tins by train.And just … [Read more...]

NBA 2K Leaguer Winner Stayz On Talks Combine And What It’s Like To Be In The Inaugural Draft Pool


Source: Forbes TechnologyWinner Stayz On aka Rell Spade is one of the fortunate and skilled individuals to qualify for the inaugural NBA 2K League draft pool.WSO, NBA 2K LeaguerI had the opportunity to speak with him about the journey leading up to and through the Combine. It’s clear in the interview that WSO took the entire process seriously. Aside from his obvious skill … [Read more...]

This Is How Skynet Happens: Microsoft Cofounder Steve Allen Invests $125 Million To Teach Computers Common Sense


Source: Forbes TechnologyEd Hall/Cartoon of the DayMicrosoft cofounder Steve Allen recently announced that he will be investing $125 million to teach computers common sense. Dubbed “Project Alexandria,” the investment will bring together various tech segments used in the artificial intelligence field to create a system with good sense and judgment. The goal is to teach AI … [Read more...]

New Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed By Samsung, But Could Lose Critical Feature


Source: Forbes TechnologySamsung typically uses the Galaxy Note phablets to push new technology before introducing it to the smartphone handsets through the Galaxy S handset six months later. Which means the loss of a technological superpower from the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 could leave a critical void in the South Korean company’s portfolio.That void is the under-screen … [Read more...]

Latest iPhone X Shock Reveals Apple’s Growing Nightmare


Source: Forbes TechnologyOnce more, the evidence mounts that Tim Cook and Apple seriously underestimated the appeal of the iPhone X, with ambitious orders for Q1 2018 having to be rowed back and analyst projections for Q2 and Q3 are being downgraded.The tenth anniversary iPhone was meant to reset the story. It would bring a new styling to the smartphone, it would introduce new … [Read more...]

Apple Developing Tech For Brighter Displays, Better Battery Life For Apple Watch, iPhone


Source: Forbes TechnologyApple Watch Series 3 with telltale red Digital Crown showing this is a version with 4G connectivity.As time goes by, Apple makes more and more of its own products in-house. Back in 2010, when Steve Jobs announced the first iPad, he revealed that the processor was ‘all our own silicon’. The company also makes graphics processors and other components. … [Read more...]

Logan Paul Has 200,000 Followers On Twitch And Hasn’t Even Streamed Yet


Source: Forbes TechnologyLogan Paul on YouTube.In retrospect, it was bound to happen. Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul, famous for stunts that run the gamut from annoying to hideous, is going to start streaming on Twitch. With interest no doubt piqued by Ninja and Drake’s record-breaking Fortnite stream he established the Twitch account LoganPaulWasTaken and already … [Read more...]