3 Mobility Trends Beyond the Smartphone


Source: Forbes TechnologyWhen one uses the term “mobility,” it often conjures up images of smartphone technology. However, recent innovations in mobility aren’t constrained to one device. This represents a global push toward highly mobile living and working—a marriage between our migratory roots and the technological future.Embrace MobilityAs long as humans have had legs, we hav … [Read more...]

Smart Data: Today’s Golden Nugget For CIOs


Source: Forbes TechnologyEvery company is evolving into a technology company as digital data continues to surround us – often in massive amounts with potential that is hidden or too complex to reach. Luckily, many innovations are presenting CIOs with a set of instruments that can help them pave new ways of doing business. Cloud computing, hyperconnectivity, in-memory computing a … [Read more...]

Razer CEO On The Company’s New Pokemon Go Chat App


Source: Forbes Technology(Image Source: Razer)Unless you have been either cryogenically frozen or living under some kind of rock, you would have heard about a mobile game called Pokemon Go.Developed by Niantic and published by Nintendo, the game is the closest thing out there to actually being a real-live Pokemon master.In the process, Pokemon Go has shattered all sorts of … [Read more...]

Pokémon-Locating Apps Are Hot But How Long Will They Be Around?


Source: Forbes TechnologyA screenshot from the Pokévision website on Tuesday afternoon shows when and where certain Pokémon will appear in San Francisco. (Photo: Ryan Mac/Forbes)On its way up to the top of the app store charts, Pokémon GO has broken plenty of records. Since its launch in early July, the game has easily become the most popular mobile game of all time, while raki … [Read more...]

Why This Startup Is Banking On A ‘Dumb’ Approach To Smart Guns


Source: Forbes TechnologyA prototype of the ‘Smart 2′ 3D-printed handgun. (Credit: Safety First Arms)On first glance, it looks familiar to anyone who has seen a version of the Glock 17 pistol, the sleek handgun popularized by law enforcement around the country. But behind the trigger is a multi-colored, six-digit keypad that looks more like something you’d find on a door alarm t … [Read more...]

Which Pokémon GO Team Should You Join? The Results Are In


Source: Forbes Technology(Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)What are the differences between Team Mystic, Instinct, and Valor in Pokémon GO? originally appeared on Quora: the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.Answer by William Chen, Data Scientist, on Quora: There is no practical difference within the games, the … [Read more...]

Hyperloop’s Tech Is Coming To Germany Inside ‘Innovation Train’


Source: Forbes TechnologyShutterstockNot the real thing. Not yet. But a test-bed for technologies being developed for Elon Musk’s futuristic means of transportation, the Hyperloop.One of the startups trying to turn this concept into reality, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced yesterday a collaboration with German railway company Deutsche Bahn to create an “ … [Read more...]

Vaporeon Is Way Overpowered In ‘Pokémon GO’


Source: Forbes TechnologyPhoto: Dave ThierAnyone who’s spent time fighting in Pokémon GO’s gyms has encountered Vaporeon. The water-based Eevee evolution has emerged as one of the strongest Pokémon available in this early phase of the game, which has led to a glut of little water foxes all around the world — along with its slightly less powerful but still formidable cousins Jolt … [Read more...]

‘NHL 17′ Beta Impressions, Positives And Negatives


Source: Forbes TechnologyEA Sports released its closed beta demo for NHL 17 on Wednesday and it’s massive. The entire download was 19.2 GB on Xbox One and its one of the larger pre-release demos you’ll find.image from NHL 17You have access to EA Sports Hockey League, Hockey Ultimate Team as well as the team and player customization tool. I’ve spent time in each mode over the pas … [Read more...]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth Hits Record High As Fortune Jumps $2.6 Billion


Source: Forbes TechnologyAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)Jeff Bezos has added $2.6 billion to his fortune in the past day, thanks to a strong quarterly earnings report from Amazon after markets closed on Thursday. His net worth reached a new high of $66.5 billion as of 5:00 p.m. Eastern.Bezos gained $1.3 billion during trading on Thursday, passing investor Wa … [Read more...]