Is this Innovative Skin Care Company Primed to be the Next Big Thing?


Renowned scientists, groundbreaking products, and access to capital — all of these characteristics provide a solid foundation for a Cosmeceutical Company accelerating revenue growth and industry leadership through their portfolio of patents.

It’s that time again.

Our Beauty, Health and Wellness Analysts here at The Money Street, are Featuring a Company that’s demonstrating rapid growth, global reach AND portfolio sophistication through a line of innovative skin-care products. When all combined, this may all spell “opportunity” for savvy investors seeking a winning addition to their investment portfolio.

The times where you have the opportunity to possibly double, triple or even quadruple your money are rare and we believe that you should carefully consider Science To Consumers, Inc. ( (OTC: BEUT) as a portfolio add. Through ongoing research and due diligence, our Beauty, Health and Wellness Analysts have identified this Featured Company in a sector that continues to be on absolute fire into the foreseeable future.


As you may know by now, The Money Street has become known for bringing winning investment ideas to our loyal followers, only after careful research and consideration, often resulting in valuable additions to a portfolio.

Our Mission continues to be grounded in the idea that bringing investment opportunities to people just like you—savvy, everyday investors—that give you the opportunity to earn exactly what you deserve to earn on the companies you invest in.

Our latest research points to Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT) being a true game changer in the race to fight aging by delivering innovative skin care solutions via expertly engineered anti-aging products to an enormous and growing market – the baby boomer generation. This market is projected to double by 2050, and triple by 2100, worldwide.

Our in-depth look into this revolutionary company starts right now.

Let’s face it, beauty is big business.

The booming global skin care industry is worth an estimated $121 billion and the anti-aging skin care industry is expected to be worth a staggering $191.7 billion by 2019. The skin care industry in the U.S. is worth a whopping $11 billion alone, and anti-aging skin care in America is estimated to be more than $2 billion…and growing.

As early stage small, private skin care companies seek to find market expansion, expertise, and capital for their products, it is clear to us here at The Money Street that Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT) has the right mixture of expertise, capital, and business model to establish its own market leadership and be the next anti-aging breakthrough.

Massive Gains Have Historically Been Found In the Beauty, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Anti-Aging, and Biotech Arenas. . .

Before we present our specific research findings on Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT), we think it’s a good idea to scan the market leaders in the Beauty/Skin Care/Anti-Aging sector and how they have delivered, and continue to deliver, incredible gains to their early investors.

Here are some incredible winners from the highflying Beauty/Skin Care/Anti-Aging sector that we track regularly, so we can continue to benchmark and identify the next, great ideas and most profitable trends directly to you:

The Winners: Too Late To Invest In, But Great To Study!

Approximate Market Cap: $102.9B
-MSN Money

With a presence in 130 countries on five continents, L’Oréal leads the pack in long-term growth (LTGR). It is the first worldwide cosmetics group , that possess an astonishing 497 patents. This 110 year-old company also boasts a unique international portfolio of 32 complementary brands. Besides L’Oréal Paris, a few L’Oréal skin care brands you may be familiar with include Lancôme, SkinCeuticals, and The Body Shop.

Latest Headline: L’Oréal Signs Agreement to Acquire IT Cosmetics—one of the fastest growing prestige beauty brands in the U.S. Purchase price: $1.2 billion. –GlobeNewswire, A NASDAQ OMX Company

AVON Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVP)
Approximate Market Cap: $2.54B
-MSN Money

The second largest direct sales enterprise in the world (after Amway), Avon Products, Inc. supports six million representatives worldwide and more than 36,000 employees. The 130 year-old company identifies itself with beauty, innovation, optimism, and women, and has more than $10 billion in annual sales worldwide. What makes Avon unique is weaving its business with causes that speak to its customer demographic, such as—“It puts mascara on lashes and food on tables. It fights wrinkles with one hand and breast cancer with the other. It knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against domestic violence and for women’s financial independence.”

Latest Headline: August 2, 2016. Avon Products’ stock soars 9.9% premarket after Q2 results. -MarketWatch

Beiersdorf AG (NASDAQ: BDRFF)
Approximate Market Cap: $21.12B
-MSN Money

130 year-old Beiersdorf Inc. is one of more than 150 international affiliates of the cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG, which is based in Hamburg, Germany.

This international skin care company’s success is founded on its research and development expertise. It focuses on developing innovative new products that focus on regional features and consumer needs by continually supporting its strongest brands—Aquaphor, Eucerin, and NIVEA. NIVEA, one of the company’s oldest brands, has been around for more than 100 years.

Beiersdorf Inc. is one of more than 150 international affiliates of the cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG, which is based in Hamburg, Germany. Beiersdorf Inc. has been around for more than 130 years.

Latest Headline: Hamburg, May 4, 2016 – Beiersdorf remains on track. Beiersdorf continued its growth path in the first quarter of 2016. Group sales increased organically by 2.4%. -Beiersdorf

Unilever PLC (NASDAQ: UL)
Approximate Market Cap: $104.01B
-MSN Money

With more than 400 brands, everyday 2 billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good, and get more out of life. The eCompany aims to make a positive impact through its brands, and continually improve by investing millions in research and development. Many of Unilever’s brands have become household names. A few you might be familiar with include Dove, Ponds, Caress, Simple, Noxzema, and Vaseline. Thirteen Unilever brands have sales of more than $1 billion US.

Latest Headline: Unilever acquires Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion. The male grooming business has 3.2 million members and a projected $200 million (US) turnover (gross income or total income received) in 2016. –Unilever,,

Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. (NASDAQ: EL)
Approximate Market Cap: $33.19B
-MSN Money

Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. is the global leader in prestige beauty. The company is, “a brand-building powerhouse of unrivaled creativity and innovation,” and has more than 25 brands in more than 150 countries. Estee Lauder’s portfolio of brands range from entry-level prestige to ultra-premium luxury. At the heart of The Estée Lauder Companies “is a passion for creativity, which is infused throughout all aspects of the business, from product development to packaging, sampling to selling and marketing to merchandising.” Some of the company’s most recognized skin care brands include the dermatologist-created, prestige cosmetics brand Clinique, Aveda, Origins, Prescriptives, Osiao, and Darphin.

Estee Lauder’s diverse portfolio of distinctive brands generated $11.26 billion in sales in fiscal 2016 from more than 150 countries and territories.

Latest Headline: The Estée Lauder Companies Delivers Strong Fiscal Year 2016 Results. Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year Reported Net Sales Increase 5% and 4%, Respectively;Adjusted Constant Currency Net Sales Rise 7% in Both Periods. –Estee Lauder Companies, Yahoo! Finance

Entry Point Timing Is Everything.

Right now, the worldwide beauty and cosmetics market is solid, dynamic, and fast moving, with skin care leading the pack, accounting for 34% of the global market. What’s even more amazing is that the skin care industry has remained resilient, even during the world’s most difficult economic period, which cannot be ignored.

Baby boomers are the first generation with tremendous amounts of cash to spend on looking younger. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates that Americans over 50 possess nearly $46 trillion of wealth. And by 2030, more than one in three Americans will be over 65. That demographic shift is creating some MONSTER opportunities in the skin care and anti-aging markets, which will be well worth over $312 billion combined by 2019. $312 BILLION!

Companies like Science To Consumers, Inc. are on the cutting edge of asset discovery and market growth, giving them the true potential to reach market capitalization sizes like the ones our sector winners have enjoyed.

And speaking of discovery, are you ready to hear about one of the biggest secrets to Science To Consumer’s success?

It’s something that no other non-prescription skin care or anti-aging product has—Tropoelastin. In 2015, Protein Genomics scientists documented the ability of Tropoelastin to accelerate the closing of wounds in the prestigious, peer-reviewed journal Advances in Wound Care. No other non-prescription skin care product on the market today contains an active ingredient with a proven direct medical benefit.

This patented formulation of elastin is a highly elastic protein that allows tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Tropoelastin has been shown to repair and heal damaged elastin, helping to reverse the appearance of wrinkles and returning skin to its youthful appearance. Since it replicates human tissue materials, it’s easily absorbed and highly effective.

Science To Consumers, Inc. is using genetic engineering to beat Botox® at Its own game, and its first product to market that contains Tropoelastin is DermaLastyl®—a trademarked anti-aging cream that helps reduce wrinkles through the use of revolutionary science and genetic technology.


Notes Dr. Burt Ensley, scientist, Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT) Advisor, and the first to patent the product (under the name of Elastatropin), “there are a lot of products out there that come with that anti-wrinkle claim, however, our products are different because, according to our research, the product actually replaces and repairs the skin’s loss of elastin with a naturally-occurring human-based replacement form of elastin-connective tissue.”

The product is based on other forms of genetic technology that Dr. Ensley developed in connection with the U.S. Department of Defense. After five years of market development, DermaLastyl® is poised to become the next big thing in anti-aging skin care.

Additionally, a study showed DermaLastyl® to be not only safe, but also better than prescription products such as Botox®, Tritinoin™ and Estrogen in reducing the depth and volume of wrinkles in the crow’s feet area of the face.

And it’s even SAFER than Botox®.

In fact, the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing recently concluded that Botox® might have unintended consequences in the pursuit of “eternal youth”- giving young people Botox® treatment could stunt their emotional growth. In another study, British researchers found the potent toxin in Botox® could make its way to the central nervous system where it may cause unknown side effects.

Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT) went public last year and it is now trading on the OTC stock exchange in the U.S., which makes it one of a handful of publicly listed companies in the booming Anti-Aging and Skin Care industries. This is something every early shareholder dreams of—getting in on the ground floor of a truly revolutionary company that is poised for growth.

For an insightful report on our latest Featured Company please download the following:

The time to bring this incredible news to you couldn’t be any better than right now.

Take a look at the following press we found on Science To Consumers, Inc.:

  • • Science To Consumers, Inc. Signs Exclusive License Agreement With Biomatrix, Inc.

    The agreement will allow Science To Consumers, Inc. to market and sell at least six of its revolutionary anti-aging products including the DermaLastyl® line. The DermaLastyl® line are the first genetically engineered products on the market that help restore elastin and elastic properties to the skin and around the eyes. Used properly, DermaLastyl® will reduce the need for Botox® or cosmetic surgery and extend the life of previous cosmetic procedures.

  • • Science To Consumers Inc. Announces The Appointment of its New CEO

    “After a through and deliberate selection process, the Company is delighted that Mr. Lam will lead the Company as we navigate through the evolving and expanding landscape of marketing beauty products in China,” said Vitaliy Gorelik, President of the Company. Mr. Lam has over twenty years of marketing management experience in the consumer packaged goods industry where he has consistently increased revenue, market share and profitability. Combined with this experience, he has an additional two years’ experience in marketing research consultancy where he has defined, launched and marketed over 10 successful, profitable products for US cosmetic products in China.

    His expertise in e-commerce management in consumer goods will be invaluable in launching the Company’s online marketing strategy of its products.

  • • Science To Consumers Launches E-Commerce Strategy throughout HK and China

    “We are very excited with our go-to-market strategy to introduce these amazing anti-aging products. Traditionally 70 percent of China’s cosmetic products are distributed by larger department stores and supermarkets, but as people become more technology driven and conscious of saving time when shopping, consumers are moving towards purchasing their cosmetic products online,” stated Edwon Lam Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Science To Consumers Inc. Mr. Lam went on to say, “This will mean a shift in marketing strategy and distribution within the cosmetics industry, with increasing emphasis on e-commerce.”

    China has become the world’s largest e-commerce market with US$458 billion in sales in 2014 according to Kantar Retail. The United States ranked second with US$297 billion sales. In 2014, Chinese e-commerce contributed to 19.4% of GDP growth and 33.5% of total retail growth. By 2020, the number of Chinese internet users is expected to reach 80% of the total population and 70% of them would shop online.

    “This e-commerce market growth is very good news for Science To Consumers, with our experience, infrastructure and revolutionary products, we are well positioned to capitalize on this market demand,” concluded Mr. Lam Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Science To Consumers Inc.

  • • Science To Consumers, Inc. Sets up China Operations for Product Sales

    Science To Consumers, Inc. has just finalized the import licenses required to sell the DermaLastyl® product line into the Chinese market. “With the completion our robust ecommerce website, our sales and marketing strategies as well distribution and logistics channels, we are now set to launch our revolutionary line of anti-aging products throughout the People’s Republic of China”, quoted Edwon Lam as Chief Executive Officer for Science To Consumers, Inc. Mr. Lam continued, “We are well aware the Chinese market is aging quicker than most countries worldwide and we feel poised to satisfy this inevitable demand.”

Science to Consumers’ (OTC: BEUT) growth opportunities are solid, so it Commands Our Strongest Portfolio Addition Rating.

Through Science To Consumers, Inc., investors have the opportunity to invest in some of the most innovative skin care and anti-aging products that they may never have known about.

Science To Consumers, Inc. has constructed a big, protective moat around DermaLastyl®—intellectual property that represents a formidable barrier to direct competition. The company has four issued patents, and two patents pending with new filings covering expanded applications, formulation, manufacturing, and trade secrets.

Science To Consumers, Inc. has several additional products under development and pre-launch testing. All are targeted at the same, anti-aging, skin care science market. Here’s what’s in the pipeline so far:

  • Stem Cell-Based products
  • Ethnic Oriented products
  • Hair Growth products
  • Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Science To Consumers, Inc. mitigates its risk by having relationships with technology licensors and expanding its product portfolio by acquiring assets through cutting-edge biotech companies that produce tested and proven properties like DermaLastyl®.

Thus, Science To Consumers, Inc. presents an exciting opportunity!

With CEO Edwon Lam at the helm—a proven entrepreneurial with track record in the areas of E-Commerce, digital and traditional marketing initiatives including brand development & awareness, direct marketing, advertising, market research, and developing comprehensive media and communication strategies for brands (TV, radio, digital, print)—the growth trajectory is clear. The only direction for BEUT to go is up!

We would not be surprised in the least if we see an early share-price double in the coming months as the next round news is released on Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT), but first things first.

In order to be in the game, you must own BEUT. Don’t end up kicking yourself later for missing out, so start your own research on Science To Consumers, Inc. now and be sure to show this information to your broker.

Everything we have noted above is easy to verify through publicly available sources and we are confident that you will agree that Science To Consumers holds a strong upside from current price levels.

Remember, with every stock situation, it is crucial that you follow our stated mantra of protecting partial gains on your way up.

The Money Street Beauty & Skin Care Insiders Team

P.S. With patented and proprietary technology, new products with true benefits and results, a massive and still growing market, an experienced team to execute strategy, and a clear path to revenue, we see Science To Consumers, Inc. (OTC: BEUT) as an heirloom stock, one that can deliver expanding gains over the coming months and years. Do not hesitate on this one. Buy it at market today!

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