Microsoft Confirms That Surface Hub V2 Is Coming


Source: Forbes Technology

Team meeting and collaboration with Microsoft Surface Hub.

It’s been about two years since Microsoft began shipping the Surface Hub—the massive, flat screen TV cousin of the popular Surface line. Today, Microsoft officially confirmed that it is committed to continuing the line, and that development of Surface Hub V2 is underway.

The news from Microsoft was a bit of a bad news / good news scenario—although from Microsoft’s perspective even the bad news is sort of good news. The “bad” news is that demand is predicted to outpace the supply of Surface Hub units this year. Again—that’s bad news if you’re a customer that wants a Surface Hub, but good news if you’re Microsoft and can appreciate the success of the device exceeding expectations. The “good” news part is the fact that Microsoft recognizes the demand and working on a new and improved version.

A Microsoft spokesperson explained, “Surface Hub created an entirely new device category and we’re thrilled with the strong momentum we have seen across the globe. We’re working on V2 and will share more in the first half of this year.”

Microsoft also shared some facts to illustrate that strong momentum:

That last point is particularly impressive to me given that the Surface Pro and it’s sibling devices seem to be fairly successful as well. I have been a fan of the whole Surface line, and my new favorite computer is the recently launched Surface Pro with LTE Advanced.

“Surface Hub, has proven to be a very successful product for Microsoft in the enterprise. Coming out with a new version shows commitment on their part to continue to develop the hardware and solutions around it,” stated Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Creative Strategies. “Collaborations is growing in importance and enterprises are looking for tools that are well integrated with the apps they use and support both multi-location collaboration as well as multi-people huddling in the same room.”

Milanesi added, “Most enterprises want to be able to source a variety of products from a brand and Microsoft Surface has developed just that. With Surface, Microsoft caters to a wide range of use cases staying true to their commitment to deliver high-quality products that have a high attention to design and usability.”

Other than confirming that Surface Hub V2 is in development, Microsoft did not provide much in the way of details just yet. In the meantime, Microsoft also revealed that it is working on an OS upgrade for existing Surface Hub devices.

For both Surface Hub V2 and the promised OS upgrade, you will just have to wait and see. Microsoft promised to share more information sometime in the first half of 2018.

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Source: Forbes Technology