‘NBA 2K18′ Can You Pass The Michael Jordan And LeBron James MyLeague Challenge?


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NBA 2K18‘s MyLeague mode offers a wide variety of options. There’s a ton to customize and within these nearly unlimited parameters, there’s room for completely re-working the base roster.

LBJ and MJ

I came up with a challenge for anyone willing to accept it. Can you win a championship with a team that features Michael Jordan and LeBron James? That sounds pretty easy, right? Well, how about if no other player on the team was rated higher than a 70 overall?

If that’s not enough, make sure your difficulty is on Superstar.Things get far more challenging with those stipulations.

Mike soars over Blake Griffin

My starting five was John Paxson, Jordan, James, Anthony Bennett and Wily Taveras. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better trio to go with MJ and LeBron under these parameters.

It’s a MyLeague-based challenge, so to complete you have to play through an entire season. The number of games in the season doesn’t really matter.

You’ll find it much easier to have success early in games when both Jordan and James are on the floor. However, when one or both sits down, the basket begins to shrink for your 70-rated players. This little experiment made for a few amazing finishes and some intense games against the CPU.

I haven’t completed my season yet, but I’ll be sharing some of the games on my YouTube channel soon. If you take the MJ, LeBron and The 70s challenge. Share your roster with me on Twitter and let me know how your season is going.



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Source: Forbes Technology